The route of Liguria Mountain Divide mirrors that of Alta Via Stage Race, an event that in 2015 will be in its fourth edition. The stage race is divided into eight stages, each one includes the arrival at a point where you can find shops, bars and other places to carry supplies.

Each stage provides a considerable difference in altitude on dirt roads, trails or paved road sections and opened to traffic.

For a first idea of the development of the route can be found at the Alta Via Stage Race.

Participants are required to comply with the rules and signals present.

Every day in addition to pedaling the track reserves some long stretches not ridable where you have to push the bike and often take it on your shoulder. This therefore requires the use of a light bike and bring the bare minimum luggage.

The route is very spectacular and has an extreme variety of road surfaces, from asphalt to dirt sliding, from rocky singletrack to carpets of grass or leaves of the undergrowth trees.


Even the weather can be extremely variable, from a few degrees and fog in altitude to hot days and very hot at lower altitudes and exposed to the sun.

The track that will be provided must be traveled in its entirety, without deviations, shall prevail GPS track provided before departure.

If for any reason a competitor were to leave the official route, the route will resume from the same point and continue.