BOLANO is accessible by train to La Spezia and then by bus or riding (about 15km with the final climb of 2 km).

The nearest airports are Genoa, Nice, Milan, Pisa. From any airport you can reach La Spezia by train, or rent a car.

AIROLE can be reached by train from Turin, Cuneo, Ventimiglia.

The nearest airports are Genoa, Nice, Cuneo, Milan, Turin. From any airport you can reach Ventimiglia or Airole or rent a car.

To facilitate the return after the event we expect to see us the day before departure in Airole, just above Ventimiglia, so you can leave your car and find it at your arrival.

The inscription is inclusive of shuttle service from Airole to departure in Bolano.

Ventimiglia is also convenient for those arriving by plane or train from abroad for its proximity to the international airport of Nice.

Meeting in Ventimiglia from Thursday, June 16, 2016, for those arriving by car, parking service is provided for a week.


For those arriving by plane from Thursday afternoon there will be a shuttle service from the international airport of Nice to Airole (3 appointments, between Friday and Saturday afternoon, arriving in Nice within 13 to Friday, June 17).

The same service will be available on arrival to go back to the airport to bring competitors.


Price + bike shuttle service person roundtrip Nice-Airole:

€ 90.00

Room for the evening of Thursday Airole and to the day of arrival:

€ 00.00 (TBD)


Transference in Bolano for the departure by bus and van for bikes, starting from 16.30 Airole. (264 km mostly highway, estimated time 3.30 h by bus).


Dinner with briefing the night before departure in Bolano, sleeping in tents with the racers in the Alta Via Stage Race.


Starting of LMD is on Saturday, June 13 at 10 am with the participants to the Stage Race.