The Challenge

Jay e Tracey Petervary

At the beginning of 2014 we asked the couple to American athletes Jay and Tracey Petervary to come to Italy to try the path of the Alta Via Stage Race in the style of the Great Divide that both have accomplished. It ‘was the genesis Liguria Mountain Divide Benchmark, to check on the field what could be the travel time in complete autonomy without external support. Two crews in cars and SUVs have tried to intercept the pair on the way to document the experience and the beauty of the local landscapes.

On June 9, Jay and Tracey have gone along with all participants all’AVSR from Bolano (La Spezia) for the first leg of this incredible journey, born for trekking and adapted for mountain bikes. At the end of the first 57 km of the first stage the two American athletes have continued cycling despite the adverse weather conditions. Jay continued to ride through the night, while Tracey because of an illness she was forced to retire in the middle of the night.

Jay has also continued the following days, stopping only to buy food to eat, and for a few hours of rest in dugouts sleeping wearing pants and rain jacket.

After 104 hours at 18 of 13 June Jay crossed the line of Airole (IM) where he could return to his wife Tracey.

This is the reference for those who want to try their hand in Liguria Mnt Divide 2015!